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Date: 07/09/2000 20:53:20
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<TABLE width=500 border=0  align="center"><tr><TD colspan=2><p><center><font size=+4 color="#000088"><i><b>3Diamonds Casino<br></b></i></font><b><BR></b><b><font size=+3 color="#D13A68"> $$ Sign-up Bonus $$<br>Get $20.00 in FREE chips <i>NOW!</i>
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Click Here For Free Cash</a></font></center></p></td><TD valign=top align=center><font face="Arial"><IMG SRC="http://238425850582020/pq/lsmclsks/images/roulette.jpg" width="120" height="113"><BR><BR><IMG SRC="http://238425850582020/pq/lsmclsks/images/blackjack.jpg"
width="120" height="112"><BR><BR><IMG SRC="http://238425850582020/pq/lsmclsks/images/battle_royale.jpg" width="120" height="112"><BR><BR><IMG SRC="" width="120" height="113"><BR><BR></font></td></tr></table>
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