Subject: Attention Homeowners: WE ARE FREE!
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Date: 07/04/2000 09:25:33


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<FONT  COLOR=3D"#ff0000" SIZE=3D3 PTSIZE=3D10><B><U>Attention Homeowners: =
 WE ARE FREE!</FONT></B></U><FONT  COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D3 PTSIZE=3D10>=
</font><P ALIGN=3DCENTER><B><font ptsize=3D"10" color=3D"#0000FF" size=3D"=
6">Improve Your Lifestyle!</font></B>
</P><FONT  COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D3 PTSIZE=3D10><P ALIGN=3DLEFT>&nbsp;
</P><P ALIGN=3DLEFT>Dear Homeowner,<BR>
      If you are in debt or need extra cash, we can help you get the money=
 you have been hoping for.<BR>
  Our services are <B>FREE</B> and we have already helped thousands of hom=
eowners, just like you.<BR>
Best Of All...</b> <BR>
</P><P ALIGN=3DCENTER></font><b><i><font ptsize=3D"10" color=3D"#0000FF" s=
*Our lenders offer the Lowest Interest Rates available<BR>
*They can set you up with an incredibly low monthly payment!  <BR>
*We can provide you with Lenders who will loan you ...<BR>
Up To 125% Of Your Home's Value!</font><FONT  COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D3 P=
</P><FONT  COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D3 PTSIZE=3D10><P ALIGN=3DCENTER><B><a =
tgage/database/212112.212121.121114521.21/index.html">Click Here To Reques=
t Your FREE Quote!</a><BR>
</P></B><P ALIGN=3DCENTER>  And even better, there are <b> NO</b> Advances=
 or Upfront Fees of any kind!  <BR>
This means you won't pay a dime - so you have absolutely nothing to lose!
     Here are just some of the ways you could put this cash to use:<BR>
     -> Home Improvements<BR>
     -> Credit Card Debt<BR>
     -> College Tuition<BR>
     -> Dream Vacation<BR>
     -> A New Car<BR>
     -> Start Your Own Business<BR>
        ...or whatever else you need - it's up to YOU.</b>  <BR>
</P><P ALIGN=3Dleft> So if you're serious about improving your current fin=
ancial position, you owe it to yourself to request your
Loan Evaluation. It's <b>FREE</b> and you've got nothing to lose.  Right n=
ow, while it's fresh in your mind, visit our site.
</P><P ALIGN=3DLEFT>&nbsp;
x.html">Click Here To Request Your FREE Quote!</a></B><BR>
 We take great pride in offering such prompt and quality service to you an=
d your family.<BR>
The Mortgage Guys</b></i><BR>
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