Subject: Re: Getting awi running [was Re: ifconfig ep0 hang in -current]
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/04/2000 21:48:48
> What is the status of the awi driver performance-wise? I have an
> AirSurfer Plus in IEEE802.11 mode, and get about 15ms ping and 40KB/s
> in ftp etc. Since the theoretical speed is 1Mbps, I'd expect about
> twice as good performace. Do you know any potential reasons for this?

I can get about 60kB/s in FTP between AirSurfer Plus and BayStack 650
in adhoc mode.  The firmware version of both cards are "v2.00 033098
API004".  Note that old firmware (v1.50) has a performance problem.

Since a simple performance test between 2 Windows box also shows about
60kB/s trasfer rate, I think there is no particular performance penalty
for NetBSD driver.

Mainly due to interframe gaps and preambles, the practical speed of two
way communication (e.g. TCP) on 802.11 is much less than the theoretical.
	results of rough measurement in adhoc mode:
		Link Speed	Transfer Rate via FTP
		1Mbps FH	0.5Mbps
		1Mbps DS	0.8Mbps
		2Mbps DS	1.4Mbps
		11Mbps DS	5Mbps

Of course, the performance between two wireless stations in infrastructure
mode is half of above because all the data is radio twice (S->AP, AP->R).

Atsushi Onoe