Subject: RE: i386 xterm key bindings
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From: Gregg C Levine <>
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Date: 07/04/2000 00:24:18
Hello from Gregg C Levine usually with Jedi Knight Computers

And this is behaving irrationally on which version of NetBSD? My "currently
installed version" is 1.4 obtained via The keybindings when
running Xterm is running correctly. That is <delete> works as expected. When
I logon I select vt420 for example. I fully agree with you that the vt220
setup is positively insane. Quite probably the only reason why the product
talks about those versions within the config files, is because of the
products' heritage. Remember the book "Cuckoo's Egg"? The hardware that was
running UNIX (AT&T with BSD extentsions. What we have here is a port for
I386 for example. My guess is that we need to examine the config files, and
we will know what to do. Rather then complain that is. Just my two credits.

Gregg C Levine
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> Subject: Re: i386 xterm key bindings
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> > The point which nobody seems able to answer is:
> >   ``how do I make the delete-left key generate ASCII DEL''?
> What I do is make the DELETE key generate ASCII DEL, and the BACKSPACE
> key generate ASCII BS (just as on my Sun type-4 keyboard in native
> SunOS, and as on most sane real terminals, the totally *insanse* DEC
> VT220 series aside).
> Then things fall together relatively quickly, except for emacs users
> such as myself who need a bit of glue for their ~/.emacs so that
> BACKSPACE doesn't do what HELP should/does do.  Being an orthogonal kind
> of guy I generally go one step further in emacs (and similar interfaces)
> and bind "DELETE" to delete the character in front of the mark
> (i.e. under the cursor), just like Ctrl-D does.
> Now of course if you want to go the other way around and follow the
> VT220 down the path of incompatible insanity, as it seems you've
> indicated, then you should be able to do pretty much the opposite of
> what I do, or rather do almost nothing since that's the default wscons
> configuration, and be equally happy!  ;-)
> > At least over an rlogin or telnet session?  It looks to me as if
> > someone designed a kludge that works for X, but simply didn't think
> > about interoperating over Telnet/rlogin streams, or non-X screen-aware
> > apps run in an xterm.
> I'm not sure exactly what you mean -- if you re-bind the keys with
> xmodmap (eg. with something generated by pgksrc/x11/xkeycaps) then
> you'll get the proper bindings in xterm and thus in any [rs]login or
> telnet session you open from any xterm.  Besides my diskless Sun sparc
> workstations running X11 I also have some NCD X terminals and they by
> default have the naughty VT220 style keyboards.  I re-map their
> keyboards in /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup with an xkeycaps designed file (and
> of course I re-label the keycaps which indelible marker) and the only
> problem I've had is with Netscape not accepting one of the remappings
> for '~'.  The key that's in the position of the BACKSPACE key generates
> an ASCII BS key in an xterm and all is well....
> I've not yet run X11 with my wscons fix in place, so I don't know if
> it's 100% perfect yet, i.e. whether or not the X server will pick up the
> default keyboard mapping from wscons, but it better be!  ;-)
> > If the current setup doesn't acutally support that, then I propose we
> > back out the keybinding changes to xterm, and submit a pullup request
> > to do the same in 1.5.   At least until someone fixes the current bugs.
> I'd strongly suggest that if "emul=vt100" in /etc/wscons.conf then the
> keyboard map should match a real VT100, and only if it's "vt220" should
> the keyboard map by default do the stupid "BACKSPACE=DEL" nonsense that
> the damn vt220 line of terminals have perpetuated.
> I'll be *extremely* upset if the default bindings of anything
> (i.e. xterm or the console or whatever) change on NetBSD/sparc!
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