Subject: Re: i386 xterm key bindings
To: None <,>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/03/2000 22:26:49
[ On Monday, July 3, 2000 at 00:57:57 (-0700), Jonathan Stone wrote: ]
> Subject: i386 xterm key bindings
> I recently upgraded a machine to 1.5_ALPHA and got an xterm where
> someone made the Delete keysym generate the keyad delete.
> I have been runing for years with the 
>   xmodmap -e "keysym BackSpace = Delete"

That's an extremely insuficient hack in my opinion, especially if you
ever have the occasion to use the raw console interface for "real"

I think I've finally co-erced wscons to work "properly" on i386 using
wsconsctl (and I also swap caps_lock and control_l too).  Unfortunately
I've not yet found the right bit of source code to whack so that I don't
have to employ this fix on kernels I build for myself.

I want to fix the driver in the source because I've had some trouble
with this working reliably.  I think it had something to do with
screenblank but I've not re-visited it again lately.

I'd post the exact command-line I'm using but I can't seem to get to the
machine I did it on right now.  The documentation is sufficiently opaque
that it took me quite a bit of research to figure out and to get it to
work properly, not to mention the incredible frustration of accidentally
missing the '+' in "wsconsctl -w map+=" a couple of times....  So, if
you bug me again later I'll try to remember to dig it up.

BTW, I've had a couple of problems with the keyboard becoming wedged in
some way on long-running 1.4V machines.  I can eventually wake the
keyboard up without rebooting but it's very scary when it happens.  I
thought it was a hardware problem the first time it happened but that
seems to have been a mistaken impression given that it's happened twice

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