Subject: Re: USB ADSL modems
To: None <>
From: Brian Somers <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/22/2000 20:35:48
> On 22 Jun 2000, at 11:22, Roger Brooks wrote:
> > The USB-terminated service uses an Alcatel USB ATM modem (provided by
> > BT)
> > and runs PPPoA.  There's some information about the modem on the Alcatel
> > web site.  It's a strange-looking thing (a bit like the mini-sub from
> > "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea").  Allegedly someone is working on
> > a Linux driver, but is there a chance it might Just Work with the NetBSD
> > umodem driver?  Also, does NetBSD have support for PPPoA?
> > 
> > BT say that only W98SE and W2000 are supported.  I don't posess either
> > of
> > these pieces of shit, and have no intention of ever buying them, so I'll
> > wait at least until it's known to work under Linux (and maybe the price
> > has dropped a bit)
> Hi,
> in Germany ADSL works AFAIK with a network card and uses PPP over 
> Ethernet. It should be the same here in Austria. Linux is reported to run just 
> fine with their PPPoE implementation, I do not know if NetBSD currently 
> supports it.

NetBSD has a PPPoE implementation in the pkgsrc repository, but I
haven't used it.

A PPPoE implmentation has just been committed to OpenBSD as an
external binary that works with ppp(8) (user-ppp).

A PPPoE implementation using ppp(8) and netgraph has been in
FreeBSD since last November.

> mike

As for PPPoA - myself and Nick Hibma (a USB guy) have been
speculating about what these things actually are - now I see
the light :-0

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