Subject: Re: i386 snapshot panics all the time
To: None <>
From: Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/2000 06:18:20

   On Jun 9, 13:36, Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa wrote:
   > Subject: Re: i386 snapshot panics all the time
   > I haven't received any response about this issue, so I
   > decide to try fix this by just retriving old pmap.h and
   > pmap.c.  :-)
   > All seem to be fixed by using 1.43 pmap.h and 1.84 pmap.c.

I've used a kernel with these old pmap.h and pmap.c for a
while.  I've experienced one kernel panic while I was
compiling entire user land.  I've experienced other two
lock-ups.  Jukka said he got two panics on the repe stols or
something like that instruction.  It is not so stable what I

I can say it is more useful because the number of panics is
smaller than current one.  However, I should not say it is
stable.  Sorry about my last email.

On the other hand, my last stable kernel was 3/25 09:27.  At
that time, pmap.h was 1.43, and pmap.c was 1.84.  I guess
some later changes on pmap.c is required to make recent
kernel stable.  Therefore, I increased the version of both
to see what I can do.

I decided to use 1.44 pmap.h with changes to uncomment the
definition of PMAP_PAGEIDLEZERO macro and 1.90 pmap.c
without changes.  Because, 1.90's comments looks like
important bug fix.  It says "NULL != 0."  :-)

By using this versioned kernel, I could compile entire user
land without any panics.  I think this is OK to call stable
now.  Otherguys who have Cyrix, could you test this
configuration?  For the people who don't use anoncvs, I put
both pmap.h and pmap.c at

-- Kazushi
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