Subject: New RPC code added to the tree: how to upgrade
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/2000 01:34:17
I've modified our RPC code (the library code, rpcinfo and rpcbind) to
be based on the "TI-RPC" interface, Sun's second-generation RPC code.

Not all applications have been adaptec to the new interface yet,
but they will continue to work, because the old interface is
still there for backward compatibility.

What you need to do when re-building the world after the next time you

	* install src/etc/netconfig to /etc/netconfig
	* install the new header files (cd /usr/src/include ; make includes)
	* install the new rpcgen (cd usr/src/usr.bin/rpcgen ; make all install)
	* install include files in libc (cd usr/src/lib/libc ; make includes)
	* recompile and install libc
	* compile and install usr.sbin/rpcbind
	* since portmap is now gone, and has been replaced by rpcbind,
	  you should install new rc.d scripts from src/etc/rc.d (or,
	  at least, the ones that used to reference portmap, and the
	  new rpcbind itself)
	* edit rc.conf, and replace "portmap" by "rpcbind"

This should do the trick.

I am still adapting applications; so far the only modified one checked in
is rup(1), together with rpc.rstatd (aside from rpcbind and rpcinfo).
More will follow in the coming days.

If you see any problems with RPC-using programs that you did not see
before, please let me know or send a PR.

- Frank