Subject: Re: curses!
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: Patrick Welche <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/2000 16:00:07
On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 01:58:59PM +0100, Julian Coleman wrote:
> > Right again! And now I even have the pretty arrows in mutt
> Pretty arrows?

I didn't use pkgsrc, and don't have ncurses, so my old mutt used ascii to
represent the arrows. Recompiling with libcurses v3, still no ncurses, got
me the graphics :-)  (I think the old one was linked against v2.5)

> > I even removed all remapping. My impression was that backspace/delete/rubout
> > or whatever the options are would give ^H or ^?, whereas I get ^[[3;5~
> > This happens with sh and csh in new xterm, not with 1st May xterm.
> Hmm, I guess this is to do with the 'kD' (sent by delete-character key) entry
> in our termcap.  Most entries have 'kD=\E[3~', which is the combination sent
> by the 'Del' key (below 'Insert').  However, the xterm-xf86-v32 entry has
> 'kD=\177', which (I guess) is sent by a keyboard with a \real\ 'Delete' key.
> I did wonder whether we should change our entry, as there seems to be no way
> to distinguish between 'Delete' and 'Del' keys if they send different
> sequences.  Of course, this only bites people who use 'Delete' to delete, as
> opposed to those who use backspace (cue long discussion ;-).
> I'm inclined to change our xterm-xf86-v32 termcap entry :

Just in case I forgot something, I edited termcap.src as per your suggestion,
built and installed a new termcap/termcap.db, removed
Xterm*ttyModes: erase ^? from .Xresources and xrdb'd.
Nothing changed - what did I miss? (I press the key, it returns [3~, your
new termcap entry says this means kD delete-character, but xterm doesn't make
use of it?)

PC keyboard, so by "backspace", I mean the one with the arrow, by "delete",
I mean the one below "insert".

old xterm (1 May):
  backspace: ^?
  delete:    ^?
  ctl-H: actually erases
new xterm (29 May):
  backspace: [3~
  delete:    [3~
  ctl-H: actually erases

xev says that both "backspace" and "delete" return "Delete".