Subject: Re: i386 from 1.4.2 to -current - how?
To: Eric Delcamp <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/29/2000 18:11:30
According to Eric Delcamp:
>I'm not sure that's will be the good method. Take the example of rc.d stuff.
>Need to re-configure all of this, and remove old stuff.

Well, you don't _have_ to do this - the system will still function
with some minor glitches.  I ran an elf system with a truly ancient
/etc for a long time.  The only reason I updated was someone on the
mailing lists pointed at a script called written by
someone who was too modest to put their name to the script.  Whoever
it was, THANKS - the script diffs the contents of the current directory
against /etc, notifies you of the differences and drops you at a shell
prompt so you can either merge or overwrite the differences.  The only
_minor_ grumble I have is that it should execute $SHELL instead of
just doing an sh...  this script reduced the level of pain of doing a
/etc update to the point where I was willing to do the job (twice)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS