Subject: Re: BSDOBJDIR in crypto-intl ignored
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Bjoern Labitzke <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/26/2000 00:47:25
Hi Bill,

* Bill Studenmund ( [000525 23:50]:
| Is your crypto-intl tree a real subdirectory of BSDSRCDIR ? Symlinks

No, it is a symlink. I am using AnonCVS to update my sources. With that there
are two problems:

 - The crypto-intl sources are named cryptosrc-intl. (Ok, a name thing, that
   can be changed with an option. I think I know how.)

 - If the crypto-intl directory is in the src directory, cvs update of the
   src directory is complaining, because crypto-intl is of course not part
   of the US-CVS server and does not exist at that place. Is there an easy
   option to CVS to ignore the directory? (I know that there are ways to
   ignore files, but I haven't found a way to ignore a directory, yet.)

My solution before was a bit complicated and lead to problems now and again:
/usr/src was union mounted on top of /usr/cvs.netbsd/src (my path to the
CVSed source). There I had a directory crypto-intl, under which
/usr/cvs.netbsd/cryptosrc-intl was union mounted. That worked, as it kept the
directories, where I keep the CVSed files, completely clean of build "junk"
like links to object dirs and I could wipe those directories once and again
to be sure, that I hadn't left anything over after experimenting. The real
object dirs were on a LFS disk.

All that seemed quite nice, but unfortunately I had some lossages. The
combination of those union mounts and the LFS lead to a corrupt LFS partition
twice. After that I formatted it as FFS and tried a more simple setup with
which my obj dir problem arose.  (I will try with LFS and union mounts again,
when I have the time to play around a bit. But at the moment I need to get a
few things done.)

Thanks in advance for any hints.


Bjoern Labitzke  <>
   Use PGP! (Don't you use envelopes for your letters?)