Subject: Re: aout LKMs and ELF Kernels
To: Ryan M. Hurst <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2000 21:04:36
On Thu, May 25, 2000 at 01:31:21AM -0700, Ryan M. Hurst wrote:
> Hi my name is Ryan. I have been running current on my notebook for quite
> some time now; and things are working well. I do however have several
> problems I have not been able to figure out one specificaly is how to
> get audio to work on my notebook!
> OSS ( has a LKM audio driver for my notebook, it uses a
> Maestro 2e chipset. The OSS LKM is a AOUT binary but I am running with a

Is the lkm for 1.4.x ? If so you may have other issues than the binary format
to load it (internal kernel structs may have changed, etc ...).

Manuel Bouyer <>