Subject: aout LKMs and ELF Kernels
To: None <,>
From: Ryan M. Hurst <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2000 01:31:21
Hi my name is Ryan. I have been running current on my notebook for quite
some time now; and things are working well. I do however have several
problems I have not been able to figure out one specificaly is how to
get audio to work on my notebook!

OSS ( has a LKM audio driver for my notebook, it uses a
Maestro 2e chipset. The OSS LKM is a AOUT binary but I am running with a
ELF kernel. I when I installed their LKM it went into the /emul/aout
/usr/local/oss dir and when I tried to load the lkm i got a bunch of
missing symbol errors. I used objcopy to convert the oss.o to a ELF
binary and tried to load it again; this time the only symbol it could
not find was the lkm_entrypoint. I also tried using objcopy to make a
aout version of my elf kernel and but it in /emul/aout; when I did this
I still had all of the same missing symbols (even for printf!!)

I have talked with Dev at OSS and he informs me they will not be doing a
ELF LKM for NetBSD for some time. So if I want sound to work I either
need to find another driver or get this one to work. I was thinking I
could :

1. build my kernel as aout and leave userland elf? can I do this if so
2. continue down the objcopy path? what did I do wrong!?

Does any one have experience loading a aout LKM into a elf kernel?

Any help would be appriciated.

Ryan M. Hurst