Subject: Macronix ethernet adapter
To: None <>
From: Nick <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/25/2000 11:04:53
I recently set up a 486 class PC under the NetBSD flag.

It used to run OpenBSD 2.6.  Under OpenBSD 2.6, a 10/100
ethernet adapter in this machine was recognized as mx0.

This system runs 1.4.2 now and I just compiled a new kernel (based
on GENERIC).  The adapter is not recognized, but does show
up in dmesg as the following:

Macronix MX98713 (PMAC) 10/100 Ethernet (ethernet network) at pci0 dev 14 functi
on 0 not configured

Is there support for this in -current?

Is it possible to get this adapter working in 1.4.2 without having to
go to -current?


Nick Maniscalco