Subject: Re: locale support?
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/24/2000 21:11:35
On Fri, May 12, 2000 at 09:52:01AM +0200, Ingolf Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> what is the state of locale support (both in 1.4.2 and
> current)?

Could you be a bit more specific? locale support in apps, error messages,
kernel... ?

csh/tcsh are somewhat friendly (Ignore pasting issue in first example)

% setenv LANG fr
% cat < /tmp/nosuch
/tmp/nosuch: Fichier ou r\351pertoire introuvable.

% setenv LANG es
% cat < /tmp/nosuch
/tmp/nosuch: Fichero o directorio no existente.

etc.... for  de el es fr ko nl no pl ru sl sv

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