Subject: Re: have there been any "recent" resolver fixes?
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/2000 19:31:13
>I hate finding core files from system daemons.  I really hate it when
>those daemons are listening for network connections.  I really really
>really hate it when those daemons are running as root!  The only thing
>worse could be finding an inetd.core....

	in netbsd-current tree (main trunc), we have BIND 4.9.7 resolver in
	lib/libc/net imported recently.  rogue name server can confuse
	pre-4.9.7 resolver.  we may need to backport it to 1.4.x tree.