Subject: Re: Doomed efforts.
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/19/2000 08:23:33
In message <>, David Br
ownlee writes:
>> suck.  And then there's some glib-related RPM's, which try to install glib
>> stuff in /usr/bin.  Ick.

>	Can you override that in NetBSD's pkgsrc version of rpm? If not,
>	sounds like a need for a patch to rpm :)

You can't, because the archives are tagged with a flag which requires them
to be installed directly - however, I don't think those need to be installed
at all, it looks like we already have linux versions of glib.

The other problems may be harder; I was totally unable to get some of the
RPM's to work unless /bin/sh was bash.

>> At this point, applix works fine, except that the first run fails; there's
>> some program it runs with a "-fork" option, which never terminates.  If you
>> just run that program, *then* run the rest of the suite, it's all fine.

>	Wrapper script? A'la framemeker etc...

Probably.  I'm too busy right now.  :)