Subject: Re: recent ep0 problems
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/18/2000 12:57:05 (Wolfgang Rupprecht) writes:
> I just noticed a problem with ep0 on -current when run on my most
> ancient x86 machine, a toshiba 4800.
> Did something change and I need to turn on some special "fixup" flags
> to get the old behavior?

[I just want to make sure the answer makes it into the archives in case
someone else is running ancient junk like I am. -wsr]

I think I figured it out.  A long time ago I needed to run a
slightly hacked kernel on the t4800 to account for an apparent lack of
some address lines going to the PCMCIA chip.

    # T4800CT is busted with only 10bits of address wired to PCMCIA.
    options PCIC_ISA_ALLOC_IOBASE=0x380	# 0x400 doesn't work--address lines?
    options PCIC_ISA_ALLOC_IOSIZE=0x80

Then at a later time I could run the same kernel as on all my other
x86 machines.  I guess the slightly older PCMCIA drivers just
naturally packed things into the "good" address space.  I hate it when
hardware designers save a few wires like this.  So much pain for so
little gain.

A big thanks to Martin Husemann for helping me eliminate recent
changes to the elink code as the culprit.  It cut down my search space

       Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
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