Subject: Re: Backspace key in X
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Dave Sainty <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/14/2000 12:49:27
maximum entropy writes:

> On my -current i386 system with -current xsrc, I can no longer produce
> a configuration where the backspace key behaves te way I want.  My
> requirements are:
> - The backspace key must send a delete character (^?).  I use emacs as
>   my editor, so ^H is not an option.
> - The stty mode for my X terminals must reflect that setting.
> - The backspace key must continue to send ^? when I run screen within
>   an xterm.

The xmodmap fixes will work, but sometimes have undesired effects on
other X applications.  Given that you really only want to change
xterm, adjusting the xterm configuration is (I think) more

I use:

XTerm.vt100.translations: #override\n\
	Meta <Key> BackSpace:	string(0x1b) string(0x7f)\n\
	~Meta <Key> BackSpace:	string(0x7f)