Subject: Re: pppd
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2000 23:27:02
>  >
>>>Umm, how can you say that that "didn't break it"? It certainly wasn't
>>>broken hard, but it was broken. On "anything else like it"...I
>>>decided to roll a kernel without the IPv6 functionality in it (paring
>>>down unused options) and was hosed when I rebooted the kernel...The
>>>kernel worked fine, but I work on my BSD box remotely with the BSD
>>>box doing auto-dialin to my ISP. When I rebooted w/o v6 support, that
>>>broke my pppd. I couldn't even use pppd with the noipv6 line in the
>>>options file. That cut me off from the BSD box until I could get
>>>there to access it locally. I consider that to be EXTREMELY broken.
>>	When did your pppd breakage happen??  Please report the breakage if
>>	there is.  Please.
>	after Apr 20 2000, it should work fine even if you don't have kernel
>	support for AF_INET6 socket.

Hi Itojun,
Yeah, this explains it...I compiled the kernel on 4/26, but at that 
time my userland was older. I just tried compiling a kernel w/o v6 & 
it worked fine after reboot :-) (my pppd is now from 5/8/00).

Sorry if this was covered in current-users...with over 1200 mails 
since 4/1 (as if that were my only list), it's tough to keep up!

>Can we tone down this a bit... itojun has been doing a great job
>integrating and fixing ipv6 related things, and he'll fix this one

I apologize if the tone was harsh...I like the work that Itojun has 
been doing and have been quite amazed at the speed with which he 
corrects any problems that he gets report of. I apologize for not 
emailing the list when I first encountered the problem, but my 'Net 
connection is "less than ideal" at the moment (which is why my alpha 
is remote to me, at my last house, with no monitor/keyboard & no 
other computers nearby). My comments weren't meant to be against 
Itojun, but rather the statement that nothing had been broken, which 
was made by someone else. Something being broken in -current is 
nothing new, & not a problem IMO, but saying that it hadn't been 
broken is incorrect.

Sorry for the commotion,
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