Subject: Re: ntp and pps
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Yubyub bird <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2000 22:32:39
Wolfgang Rupprecht said on 2000-05-12:

> (Yubyub bird) writes:
> > And this is without hardpps()... it works pretty darn well, and I'm
> > expecting that once we get over this hurdle, it will improve a small bit,
> > too.  This is using one of Dave Schwartz's GPSClock 200's (no affiliation
> > at all with him, but it's a very nice low cost unit for NTP purposes).
> Thanks for the pointer to gpsclock 200.  The online specs for it are
> kind of underwhelming though:
>         from:
>                 Timing accuracy: 
>                                 Plus or minus 1 microsecond
>                                 to UTC
>                 cost $375
> Good gps clocks are now in the 100's of nanoseconds or better.  Most
> random $100 - $200 OEM boards are this range. A good survey of the OEM
> board market is at:

Groovy page - thanks.

> I recently picked up a motorola oncore M12 for the introductory price
> of $100. (w. antenna, wall-wart power supply, 2 rs-232 port and 1
> rs-232 cable, no case though.  It is just a plain card.)  Even off
> special this package is only $200.

Yeah - there are definitely better things out there.  The problem for me
is that I always think I have spare time.  I've finally learned that
eating and human interaction is generally a good thing (tm), and so I've
had to cut down on hack time.  That's why I chose the GPSClock over other
things - it's there, it works, it's easy.

But now that I have that list above, I smell a project coming on.  Break
out the 63/37...  no, wait - resist!  [photo resist? okay...]


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