Subject: Re: pppd
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/2000 02:03:01
Can we tone down this a bit... itojun has been doing a great job
integrating and fixing ipv6 related things, and he'll fix this one


In article <>,  <> wrote:
> >Umm, how can you say that that "didn't break it"? It certainly wasn't 
> >broken hard, but it was broken. On "anything else like it"...I 
> >decided to roll a kernel without the IPv6 functionality in it (paring 
> >down unused options) and was hosed when I rebooted the kernel...The 
> >kernel worked fine, but I work on my BSD box remotely with the BSD 
> >box doing auto-dialin to my ISP. When I rebooted w/o v6 support, that 
> >broke my pppd. I couldn't even use pppd with the noipv6 line in the 
> >options file. That cut me off from the BSD box until I could get 
> >there to access it locally. I consider that to be EXTREMELY broken.
> 	When did your pppd breakage happen??  Please report the breakage if
> 	there is.  Please.
> 	Timeline was like this:
> 	- I enabled IPv6 support in pppd
> 	- I got report of breakage
> 	- I bringed in part of more recent pppd, tested pppd with IPv4-only
> 	  kernel, it worked fine, and committed it
> 	so I think the latest pppd should work fine.  With the latest code
> 	pppd considres IPv6CP as optional.  To enable IPv6 negotiation you
> 	need explicit "+ipv6", and it should be compatible with old
> 	configuration file.  If the latest pppd is still broken, please report.
> 	(I guess you are using pppd during the breakage period, since you
> 	mention "noipv6" in the above)
> itojun