Subject: -i386 + Thinkpad 600E + "options PCI_ADDR_FIXUP" -> panic
To: None <>
From: Sean Doran <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/11/2000 19:35:30
nn an IBM Thinkpad 600E, a kernel somewhat like DR-EVIL
panics when "options PCI_ADDR_FIXUP" is used, but
otherwise works with the devices that get found correctly:

[by hand]

[System BIOS Setting]---------------------
  device vendor product
  register space address    size      mask
000:00:0 0x8086 0x7190 uvm fault(0xc02dbb60, 0x0, 0, 3) -> 1
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in swapper at    pciaddr_resource_manage+0x11a: addb %al,0(%eax)
db> t
pciaddr_resource_manage(0,80000000,c020b2fc,0,80000000) at pciaddr_resource_manage+0x11a
pciaddr_resource_reserve(0,80000000) at pciaddr_resource_reserve+0x1e
pci_device_foreach(0,0,c02b2d4) at pci_device_foreach+0x11a
pci_addr_fixup(0,0,cd0294d85,3,0) at pci_addr_fixup+0xbd
pcibios_init(c0324f88,c014320e,c02a7920,c0324fa8,c0130cc3) at pcibios_init+0x13a
cpu_configure(c02a7920,c0324fa8,c0130cc3,c0322010,322000) at cpu_configure+0x12
configure(c0322010,322000,329000,e00007ff,c039) at configure+0x5a
main(0,0,0,0,0) at main+0x43b