Subject: Re: Doomed efforts.
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/10/2000 20:23:38
In message <>, Ted Lemon writes
>> So, I'm trying to find anything, anything at all, that groks the full majest
>> of MS Word's insanely broken formats.  As an experiment, I'm going to try
>> running ApplixWare 5.0 on NetBSD-current.  Anyone got any useful or relevant
>> experience?
>I've had surprisingly good luck with AbiWord, actually.   As an added
>bonus, it's open source!

The last version I tried crashed on me once or twice.  The specific thing
that was biting me with StarOffice and WP8 (which are both otherwise usable)
is that MS Word's "change bars" don't seem to be grokked by anyone.  :(

Anyway, I'm inclined to slightly prefer Applix to WordPerfect or StarOffice,
especially since WordPerfect-current is a Windows app running under WINE.