Subject: Re: raid 0 failure
To: James Sharp <>
From: Kevin Sullivan <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/10/2000 15:07:23
>Don't you have to rebuild the entire array after losing one disk?  Raid 0
>is merely concatenation of drives...losing one drive in a raid 0 array
>usually means losing the entire array.

If you lose a disk as in "all data on the disk is gone", then yes, you
lose.  Wipe everything and restripe.

In this case a reboot fixed up access to the disk, so the data on the disk
is (99.9%) intact.  I don't know if there was a hardware glitch, a SCSI
driver glitch, or a raid glitch.  And since it's just a news spool, I don't
care enough to track it down right now.  It's likely that some of the
sectors on the failed disk are corrupted, but fsck should fix that enough
that INN will be happy.  I just want to tell raidframe "yes, I know there
was a problem.  Yes, I know that data may be corrupted.  I don't care, just
do it."

Ah, thanks to Greg Oster I see that "-C" is what it want.  It seems to be
running again; thanks!