Subject: Re: raid 0 failure
To: Kevin Sullivan <>
From: James Sharp <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/10/2000 14:56:01
On Wed, 10 May 2000, Kevin Sullivan wrote:

> I'm running NetBSD -current (about 1 month old) with a 4 disk raid0
> partition (a news spool).  Last night one of the disks hiccupped.  Now the
> raid0 set will not work.  The disk itself seems fine, but raidframe will
> not let the disk back into the stripe.  It says "/dev/sd16e has a different
> modfication count: 147 88".
> Is there a way to force raidframe to accept this disk?  The data will be a
> bit inconsistent, but fsck should fix that.  It's a news spool so a few
> missing or corrupted files are okay.
> I'm appending the dmesg output.
> 	-Kevin

Don't you have to rebuild the entire array after losing one disk?  Raid 0
is merely concatenation of drives...losing one drive in a raid 0 array
usually means losing the entire array.

At least I think so...I may be smoking large amounts of crack again.