Subject: Re: -current sendmail cancer in IPv4-only kernel
To: <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/08/2000 16:06:41
On Mon, May 08, 2000 at 09:21:10AM -0400, Andrew Brown wrote:
> >>>What do you use TCP/IP for? In all likelihood, I'm doing a lot of
> >>>those same things over v6 these days -- intentionally, so I can gain
> >>>experience with it, and so I can find problems in the tools.
> >
> >	you have an IPv6-to-IPv4 translation tcp relay in your netbsd-current
> >	box, so just a matter of setup.  try man 8 faithd, and/or
> >	usr.sbin/faithd/README.
> i've played with faith, but i was wondering if perry was using *just*
> ipv6 from his box, or if he was emitting ipv4 as well.

Just to add a data point; we run several IPv6-only home-networks
connected over radiolinks to our Lab, were a dual-stack router 
provides relaying using faithd/totd to the IPv4 world. Nowadays,
with NetBSD-current at home I can do everything I used to do 
over IPv4 over IPv6 without any problems or hassles; it just works.
There are a few exceptions, one is ntp (mainly because the previous 
xntpd in the tree would be a nightmare to port to IPv6, I hope with
the new one this job is easier and will be completed soon).