Subject: Re: INET6 needed for INSTALL?
To: Simon J. Gerraty <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/2000 18:54:39
>> 	This is not related to boot floppy.  We generate binaries for boot
>> 	floppies using src/distrib/utils/x_ping/Makefile for example, and the
>> 	resulting binaries do not contain IPv6 bits (sorry if there are any
>> 	leftover).
>My sources are a couple of days old but I see:
>./distrib/utils/x_ifconfig/Makefile:8:CPPFLAGS+= -DINET6 -DINET_ONLY -I${SRCDIR}
>Should they not be there then?

	these -DINET6 are correct.  I've added a .if around -DINET6 in
	distrib/utils/x_ifconfig/Makefile (which is a leftover).

>nm -o *.o | grep getaddrinfo
>shows nothing  but 
>distrib/utils/x_ping6/ping6.o | grep getaddrinfo
>         U getaddrinfo
>I presume if we don't need INET6 then we don't need ping6?
>I'm looking to save about 20k off the ramdisk...

	I think you have no ping6 in boot floppy, since 
	src/distrib/sparc/ramdisk.sysinst/ramdiskbin.m4 does not list ping6.