Subject: Re: Posible virc(8) implementation
To: David Brownlee <abs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/2000 01:21:30
On Wed, 3 May 2000, David Brownlee wrote:

>On Wed, 3 May 2000, Scott Aaron Bamford wrote:
>	While I'm very much in the 'keep rc.conf' camp, the above makes
>	me nervous - having the same set of information in two places
>	and having mechanisms to sync them back and forth.
>	As a middle ground, how about a config file that defines the order
>	of concatenation, and the comments that get included for each
>	section. Each section in the file will have a tag added, that gets
>	used to split the file back into rc.conf.d files, and detect any
>	change in order?

sort of what happens, the way i saw it was that the /etc/rc.d/ scripts would
always read the information from /etc/rc.conf.d/ as that is _the authority_
what it says in there wins.  the rc.conf file is kept as, basicly the
template that you sugested, but rather than mark out `name=<insert value>'
i decided to simply supass `<insert value>' and put the actual value in there
(the same parse is used to read name=value pairs as to set them).

so scripts would parse rc.conf before it parses its rc.conf.d/ file (i think
someone sugested this always happen anyway to have the `backwards compatable'
feel), with sh this meens values in rc.conf.d/ override any in rc.conf
and so they are the authroity.

I think my bad english here didnt helo anyones understanding of the idea, but
rc.conf is used simply as a template of how to lay out the actual values
which are _always_ taken from rc.conf.d if they exist. the fact the values
are mirrored there is convinence, not for acutal use (though in the event that
someone rm -r /etc/rc.conf.d/ they would end up being used (: )

does this clear things up any? the rc.conf.d values should be used, rc.conf
can be fell back on, and supplys the default layout, the mirror of information
is simply because its easyer (and in my opinion more useful) than replaceing
all values with `<insert value>', and also serves as an inplace, working
backup if a rc.conf.d/ script is rm'd (the service will still run with the
right settings), likewise if rc.conf is rm'd then running virc -s (or virc
and editing things how you want them) will replace it, howbeit out of order.

I hope this helps clear up my poor english

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