Subject: Re: anoncvs
To: None <>
From: Hisashi T Fujinaka <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2000 19:27:58
On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Eric Delcamp wrote:

> I'm using sup, but want to try AnonCVS like Jason told to me. I have
> followed instructions on the Web site, ignoring step 5 (like mentioned
> in previous messages in this mailing list (and send-pr to fix this
> documentation)). But if I do, under /usr/src : cvs checkout -P
> src-norypto, this will create a /usr/src/src directory and put
> everything under it. Not the goal. I also have tried, under /usr: cvs
> checkout -d src -P src-nocrypto, but got strange results and break it
> after 3 minutes. Oh, one thing I must say : I have nowhere CVS
> directories in my source tree (you know, SUP don't use CVS dirs).
> Any solution ? I'm tired of getting the cvs tree for hours and
> hours....

I really have a hard time figuring out cvs. I tried following the
directions, probably not correctly.

OK, so here's my questions:

I try to do a "cvs login" and I can't do it from /usr/src. I can do it
from other places. So then I deleted /usr/src and got the tar files. I
still can't login from /usr/src.

I can do a CVS login from somewhere else and go to /usr/src, but then I
make a /usr/src/src directory. So I figure I can do a cvs -P update from
/usr, but it tells me that I need to move things out of the way.

Where have I gone wrong? Shoud I stick to sup?

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