Subject: Re: Posible virc(8) implementation
To: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
From: David Brownlee <abs@NetBSD.ORG>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2000 23:10:12
On Wed, 3 May 2000, Scott Aaron Bamford wrote:

> To satisfy 2,3,5,7 and 8 i suggest rc.conf is kept and used as the template
> for the layout of information under /etc/rc.conf.d/, as well as being the
> default location for varibles `without a home'.  Since the layout of the
> edited file needs to be kept, the values might as well be kept with it,
> hopefully this will be useful to those who want to keep a mono rc.conf.
> Effectivly this results in the contents of /etc/rc.conf becoming a
> ordered copy of /etc/rc.conf.d/* 's confiuration.  While still leaving
> /etc/rc.conf.d/* files compleatly seperate.
	While I'm very much in the 'keep rc.conf' camp, the above makes
	me nervous - having the same set of information in two places
	and having mechanisms to sync them back and forth.

	I'd even prefer a virc that just concatenated everything in 
	rc.conf.d, and then split it out. (Given the choice of course,
	I'd rather just have everything in rc.conf :)

	As a middle ground, how about a config file that defines the order
	of concatenation, and the comments that get included for each
	section. Each section in the file will have a tag added, that gets
	used to split the file back into rc.conf.d files, and detect any
	change in order?

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