Subject: Re: Recent termcap changes
To: Julian Coleman <>
From: William O Ferry <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2000 07:36:04
In message <>, Julian Coleman writes:
>William O Ferry wrote:
>> 	Out of curiosity, has anybody else been bit hard by the changes
>> made in share/termcap/termcap.src recently?  I tend to connect to my
>> NetBSD boxes either on a (now 1.4X) i386 at home, or from a Solaris 2.6
>> machine at work, both via ssh in xterms (so the terminal is always
>> xterm).  Since updating my machines to 1.4X all of them have become
>> broken in their handling of highlighting and such.
>This problem occurs because xterm takes the termcap entry and puts it into
>the TERMCAP environment variable.  Unfortunately, it gets a truncated
>entry, with certain capabilities missing.  Thus, the curses code thinks
>that your terminal can't do bold or reverse or underline (or whatever).
>The wordround is to unset TERMCAP in your environment.  I was thinking
>that the fix is to stop xterm from generating a TERMCAP environment
>variable in the first place.

	I checked, TERMCAP isn't even set on any of my logins.  Nor are there any 
other variables in my shell's 'set' or 'setenv' listings that resembles a 
termcap entry, in fact nothing is longer than PATH/path, which is still only 2 
lines long.

>Hmm, strange.  Do you have termcap.src,v 1.57?  There was a problem with
>the "default colours" sequence for xterm on previous versions.  Or, it
>may be another symptom of the truncated TERMCAP.  Does it still do this
>if you unset TERMCAP?

One of the failing machines:
LIGHT% ident /usr/share/misc/termcap
     $NetBSD: termcap.src,v 1.59 2000/04/29 02:49:39 mycroft Exp $

And since TERMCAP isn't set, unsetting TERMCAP doesn't do anything.

>This changed because the termcap entries that we used to ship don't contain
>the extra attributes that are needed for colour and other enhancements.

	Well it was definitely a change for the worse for everybody who
connects to my machines, more users have started to complain.  I left the
rest of v1.59 intact but changed xterm-xf86-v33 back to xterm-r6 and all
of my machines/users are happy again.

	Thanks for the suggestions, the TERMCAP variable does not seem to
have any effect on the problems I'm having, changing the one line in
termcap.src is the only thing so far that seems to fix it.  I tried just
setting TERM settings manually and verified that xterm-xf86-v32 seems to be
where the real problem is (not too surprising since xterm and xterm-xf86-v33
add very little to v32, but even if I set the TERM variable to v32 things
go back to the failing state.  I really think things must be hosed in this
termcap entry.

	Thanks again.