Subject: RE: recommendations for 802.11 DS 2.4 GHz 11Mb cards?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Ryan Hurst <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2000 17:14:15
I use the 802.11b stuff from Lucent, great platform support from open source
community. In adition as I udnerstand it there are actualy 802.11b
interoprability trials and that most work together, I was told by a Nokia
contact that theirs works with the Lucents as well.

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Subject: Re: recommendations for 802.11 DS 2.4 GHz 11Mb cards?

In message <>, John Kohl writes:
>What's a good PC card with NetBSD driver that does 802.11 Direct
>sequence in the 2.4 GHz frequency range at 11Mb/s?
>(e.g. aironet base stations that will be used at USENIX)

Unfortunately, there seem to be compatability issues between some of the
various 802.11 cards, or something.  I like the Aviator cards, but I've
never gotten them to talk to anything else.