Subject: Recent termcap changes
To: None <>
From: William O Ferry <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2000 15:05:11
	Out of curiosity, has anybody else been bit hard by the changes
made in share/termcap/termcap.src recently?  I tend to connect to my
NetBSD boxes either on a (now 1.4X) i386 at home, or from a Solaris 2.6
machine at work, both via ssh in xterms (so the terminal is always
xterm).  Since updating my machines to 1.4X all of them have become
broken in their handling of highlighting and such.

	On the Solaris box things that start underlining or hilighting
don't stop, so everything from that point on ends up being underlined or
reverse-video until I do a "Full Reset" in xterm.  For example if I use
more and it has more than a screenfull of data to display, every page
after the first will be displayed in the same reverse-video mode the
line at the bottom of the first page is displayed in.

	On the NetBSD box I use white-on-black text, and if I launch vi
on one of my machines and cause a beep to occur (i.e. hit ESC one too
many times) the screen will switch to black-on-white, and remain that
way until I do a "Full Reset" in xterm again.

	To fix both cases, I changed the tc entry in termcap from
xterm-xf86-v33 back to xterm-r6 and everything works flawlessly again.

	So why did this change?  Considering that it's broken on boxes
I control as well as ones I don't (and that always worked fine before
this change as well as work with many other platforms I connect to on
a daily basis) I'm inclined to think that xterm-xf86-v33 has some bad
settings in it.  Can somebody who understands termcap please figure
out what's wrong, or can we go back to the xterm-r6 that at least

	Thank you in advance.