Subject: Re: Build questions
To: Hans-Christian Becker <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2000 13:07:18
On Tue, 2 May 2000, Hans-Christian Becker wrote:

> Hi all. When doing a `make release' (-current of April 27) on my 
> macppc machine, everything builds fine (save for a minor error in 
> games/robots/score.c and games/mille/print.c). However, when making 
> the release, I get warnings about two header files not being found 
> (powerpc/vm_param.h and one more I forgot), that could 
> not be found (but exists in the tree), and a few 
> warnings about gdb not being found. Should I worry?
> Another thing is that when I install the system from the just 
> generated release, not all header files seem to be be updated. `make 
> includes'  does the trick though.

What are you doing, exactly? "make build" is the preferred target to
update the system in place; it does a "make includes" and "make
depend" after cleaning the old stuff out, among other things.

> Finally, how do I build the installation part of the distribution 
> (floppies & GENERIC_MD)?

"make release DESTDIR=/foo RELEASEDIR=/bar" is supposed to do that --
if not, it's a bug. (But if your build system is too old, you may need
to do a "make build" first.)

Also, be sure to always update your kernel before updating userland.

The paradigm you seem to be inclined to -- to build the whole system
first, and then install it -- is not very well supported at this time,
although it could probably be made to work.