Subject: Re: NetBSD CardBus Problems
To: None <>
From: UCHIYAMA Yasushi <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/2000 22:16:40
 | 1) I just did a 'cvs update' and tried the PCIBIOS_ADDR_FIXUP stuff in
 | it, thinking that this could resolve my problem. But with this in my
 | kernel I get kicked into the debuger in the very begining. I dont know
 | how to get a dmesg of this so that some one can look at this.

It is best to use serial console, or else please test stepwise.

 1. check dump phase.
	add return; before '2. reserve non-PCI area.'
	(line 133)
	then, boot test.

 2. check allocation phase.
     comment out this line. (line 308)
	/* write new address to PCI device configuration header */
>>>>	pci_conf_write(pc, tag, mapreg, *addr);
     disable configuration header modification.
     I want to see where address PCIBIOS_ADDR_FIXUP guess.

 3. add PCIBIOS_ADDR_FIXUP but comment out cbb*.