Subject: Re: cvs update failed
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/2000 13:27:39
>> >It's been this way for a while... you may not have noticed it earlier if
>> >you did the cvs update after a 'make cleandir'.  I run into this when
>> >trying to update into the directory when there are object files in it.
>> yeah.  i was trying to "win" and not have to rebuild everything.
>> aw...shucks.
>	With a custom bsd.{prog,lib}.mk you can probably create a target
>that does mv ${SRCS:.c=.o} ${PROG} lib${LIB}.so* lib${LIB}.a
>reasonably easily.  
>	Or, actually, change /bin/rm to be a script that does essentially this
>and run a make cleandir.  (You'd have to do something to get around the automatic
>obj dir handling, however)

too late.  :)

already did a make cleandir, and make obj, and a cvs update and a make
build.  everything's fine here...move along.  ignore that cat behind
the obj dir.

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