Subject: Re: cvs update failed
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/2000 17:10:11
> 	If someone fixes cvs to only create directories if it
> isn't going to prune them then this won't be needed.
> Meanwhile, I'm adding a note to htdocs/Sites/net.html and
> htdocs/Documentation/current/index.html.

Somewhat tangential to this I've a couple of other hints and
suggestions which may be worth including.  Some of these may
require more extensive editing and can't be pasted right "from
here to there", so I've BCC'ed the www folks in this reply.

1) How to convert an unpacked source set to use anoncvs (or
   another CVS server)

   The source set may have a different CVS root specified than
   anoncvs -- earlier distributions have at least used the master
   CVS root as CVS root in the source sets.  To convert a source
   tree in /usr/src to use anoncvs, do

   $ cd /usr/src
   $ find . -name Root | while read f; do
   > echo > $f
   > done

2) Under point 6) in the existing description of how to check out
   an anoncvs tree, there should be an entry for how to check out
   the international crypto tree.

   It can be fetched from by doing:

   $ echo '
	  Port 11750' >> ~/.ssh/config
   $ export CVS_RSH=3Dssh
   $ export
   $ cvs checkout -P src-crypto-intl

   or from using pserver by doing:

   $ export
   $ cvs login
   CVS Login: anoncvs
   $ cvs checkout -P src-crypto-intl

   See for pointers
   to other CVS servers.

   (I see the entries there do not mention the convention that
   "anoncvs" is the password to use; that should probably be
   fixed.  I also think the pointer to the anoncvs info for the
   Troms=F8 server should point directly to

   You may want to check that with Feico, though.)

3) "src-crypto-intl" is a CVS module which consists of other
   sub-modules, which themselves use the "-d" to have the
   checked-out material placed correctly.  This is the reason you
   cannot use the "-d" option as in "cvs co -d <dir>" when using
   these "topmost" modules, as some of the sub-modules also use
   the "-d" option.

4) To see the list of modules available from a given CVS server,
   do "cvs co -c".

5) To add the crypto-intl source tree to an existing non-crypto
   tree, one could do

   $ cd /usr/src
   $ cvs co -d crypto-intl cryptosrc-intl/crypto-intl

   For the US residents one could do

   $ cd /usr/src
   $ cvs co -d crypto-us cryptosrc-us/crypto-us

   If you have a remaining "domestic" tree you should get rid of
   it by removing the directory tree and removing the
   corresponding line in /usr/src/CVS/Entries.


- H=E5vard