Subject: Re: amd and bfd problem? (linking libs)
To: Chuck McManis <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/2000 07:38:20
At 11:24 PM 4/26/00, Chuck McManis wrote:
>Building -current on the VAX has run into a couple of problem in both EGCS and amd. In both cases there is a library (libbfd in the egcs case and libamu in the amd case) that isn't quite built.

I did a complete build a week ago with no errors.

>In both of these cases the Makefile in the library subdirectory has has "MKLINKLIB=no", consequently when later programs are linked with -lbfd or -lamu they don't find a library to link againt. There is a libbfd_pic.a and a libamu_pic.a in the obj directory however.

>So could someone tell me if the correct fix is to change the link lines to -lbfd_pic and -lamu_pic or what to get this to build. (the obvious fix of commenting out the MKLINKLIB also works but I'm obviously missing why it is there in the first place)

It there because only the shared version of the library is being made.  Unless you have
NOPIC= in your mk.conf, this should not be a problem.
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