Subject: RE: CardBus help..
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Ryan M. Hurst <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/26/2000 17:16:50
Thanks Peter!

Yes, I did do all of the same, I did not however have the PANIC problem with
the PCI_BIOS stuff; my machine continued to work but the problem persisted.

For me the CardBus is much preferred not necessarily for the performance
(although it would be nice to get the lion share of my 100BT) but for the
ability to have both my 3c575TX and WaveLan card in at the same time.

I will cvs update again and make new dmesgs and send them again.

Thanks for the help,


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Subject: Re: CardBus help..

According to Peter Seebach:
>Are you doing CardBus, or pcic?

IIRC he tried both. Ryan is having problems getting a wavelan card to
work much like I had.  The hacks with setting the
PCIC_ISA_ALLOC_IOBASE/IOSIZE made the card work with PCIC but CardBus
still fails with the same error of "cannot get mac address".

I too had problems trying to get cardbus to work, I tried adding the
suggested hacks (enabling PCI_BIOS et al) but that made my kernel
panic.  I don't know if that was fixed or not.

Is cardbus much better than pcmcia?  At the moment my wavelan is
working fine at a pcmcia card - would it be better as a cardbus card?
(I assume it can do this....)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS