Subject: Re: rc.d (Was Re: run levels (was Re: The new rc.d stuff...))
To: NetBSD-current Discussion List <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/26/2000 12:42:23
On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Greg A. Woods wrote:

# Generalisations are of course dangerous but generally speaking I don't
# think it makes much sense to add one or more new config files to any
# existing daemon, especially 'init'.

Good.  init's config file list consists, currently of ttys.  Every other
config file that you might currently associate with init is really run
by the shell that init calls, and so is not really directly associated
with init.

My opinions, based on aesthetics and current working conditions:

1.  Init ain't broke -- don't fix it.

2.  inittab is ugly as all f[^a-tv-z]ck already, both in name (antiquated)
	and in format (one line for everything that init is expected to
	handle).  Now that wouldn't be horribly bad, but when you have to
	have one line for pty that you expect to be serving, that
	convolves an init.conf file more than it needs.  Init should
	at least delegate the tty info to a lower level than init.conf
	(ne inittab).

	In short, init.conf should handle events in as efficient a manner
	as possible, iff it's going to exist at all.  And that's a big IFF.

3.  ttys serves its purpose, although it could stand to advance in design,
	i.e., allow wildcards, assign certain perms to certain ttys,
	etc.  (the latter is arguably better suited to a login.conf type
	of arrangement).


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