Subject: Re: Quake 3 under Linux emulation
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2000 20:02:31
   On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Brad Spencer wrote:
   > The install script didn't work for me, either.  However, it wasn't that
   > hard to figure out what to copy off of the CD to get it working.

   The demo is just one big shell script (with the data encoded into the
   script), linuxq3demo<something>, I'm assuming they wouldn't ship
   the real thing this way...

Ah.... no, the CD was different...

   What kind of video card do you have, and how does it perform? I'm really
   disappointed in nVidia for promising XFree86 support... I haven't seen
   anything decent yet (although the utah-glx project is doing a great job
   with what little they have to work with). Makes me wish I had gone 3dfx or


I have an nVidia TNT2.  I really don't think about "decent performance".
The only real criteria is "was the game fun"?  So far, the answer is yes.
Heretic 2, also...

I am sure that both would be faster if better GLX drivers existed and
better transport between the X client and X server existed.  Since neither
of those are optimized greatly [yet??] I am not going to worry that

Sometime I may replace the Matrox Millennium II in my primary machine with
the nVidia TNT2 from my secondary machine and get a new 3d card for my
secondary, but things are ok right now.

Brad Spencer -
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