Subject: Re: mozilla maintainer wanted
To: Ron Roskens <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2000 12:37:01
On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 11:12:50AM -0600, Ron Roskens wrote:
> I was looking into this on the -i386 side. The problem here is 
> that with shared libraries the linker is looking for 
> mozilla installs a link in dist/bin and dist/lib 
> for Making a link from to 
> kept things compiling.
> Except that even doing you still can't run the regExport binary 
> since:
> pos# ldd regExport 
> regExport:
>          -lplds4 => not found
>          -lplc4 => not found
>          -lnspr4 => not found
>          -lxpcom.1 => not found

	Let me guess: these aren't installed in the standard /usr/lib
directory when you try this?  I'll bet it's not adding the correct
-Wl,-rpath,... arguments to run when the libraries are in dist/lib.
To fix add the appropriate rpath argument (i.e. a relative path pointing
to where the libs actually are).  It would be really nice if "-L<foo>"
did -Wl,-path,<foo> automatically, but it doesn't.