Subject: Re: mozilla maintainer wanted
To: Tim Walls <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2000 11:12:50
On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 11:56:57 +0100 Tim Walls 
<> wrote:

> [Apologies if this conversation is already irrelevant, we've just had a
>  four-day holiday weekend in the UK & I haven't caught up with all the
>  mail :-)]
> > I have been trying to get the current mozilla source to build on
> > NetBSD/i386 with no real luck.  It compiles, but drops core trying to
> > register its components.  There may be code-gen bugs or a problem with the
> > mozilla source.
> Funny you should mention this...
> I spent the better part of the weekend trying to get the current Mozilla
> source to compile on NetBSD/Sparc, with even less success than you :-(.
> The problem seems to be in
>   xpcom/tools/registry
> Trying to link gives "Cannot open -lxpcom: No such file or directory"

I was looking into this on the -i386 side. The problem here is 
that with shared libraries the linker is looking for mozilla installs a link in dist/bin and dist/lib 
for Making a link from to kept things compiling.

Except that even doing you still can't run the regExport binary 
pos# ldd regExport 
         -lplds4 => not found
         -lplc4 => not found
         -lnspr4 => not found
         -lxpcom.1 => not found

> This was with static libraries enabled.  Without statics, it whinges
> about (from memory, an error something like) 'mixed relocation types'
> when linking...
> Trying to build it on -current NetBSD/i386 is currently giving the same
> problems.
> > If I ever happen upon a solution I'll send it along, but I am not hopeful
> > for anything in the near future.
> As will I, but I don't hold out a great deal of hope either.
> > There appears to be a FreeBSD port in the Mozilla tinderbox that is often
> > times green, but I have not tried it, and the Linux version of Netscape 6,
> > based on the Mozilla source seems to work.
> For what it's worth, the ancient pkgsrc/www/mozilla package compiles
> on 1.4.2 NetBSD/sparc, but dumps core on startup.  I couldn't be bothered
> to find out why, preferring to concentrate on the newer version!
> Cheers,
> Tim.
> -- 
> Tim Walls