Subject: Re: hpt366 anyone?
To: Roger Brooks <>
From: Eric Delcamp <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/2000 15:00:45
Hi !

I have a pair a Celeron 466 (Intel never lock SMP on Celerons; bad rumor),
and you could overclock them when you put the bus to 75Mhz (83Mhz is really
hard to get). Of course, you have good 100Mhz RAM chips ?
You could not change multiplier, and any kind of Celeron pass the 75Mhz bus
whith no problems.

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Subject: Re: hpt366 anyone?

> I'll rephrase that -- so far I can't get my system to overclock, hence I
> can't get any PCI clock other than 33 MHz.  I have a pair of 400 MHz
> Celerons.  At the time I bought the board (August 1999) there were rumours
> that Intel might disable the SMP capability in the near future, and 400
> chips gave the best price/performance ratio over here.  I'm not sure if
> I have the speed-locked chips, but all attempts at overclocking have
> resulted in the BIOS resetting to 300 MHz.
> I'm not particularly interested in overclocking.  I got the board to
> the SMP project, and my personal view is that overclocking when you're
> running an experimental operating system is crazy, because if you hit a
> problem you'll never be quite sure whether its hardware or software.