Subject: Re: Possible design of the new rc.d rc.conf stuff.
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/17/2000 21:15:24
On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Paul Goyette wrote:
[...that ERH wrote....]:
# > If you want split configuration files set conf_dir_preferred=NO, delete
# > all configuration lines (if any) from rc.conf and create or edit the
# > the appropriate files in /etc/rc.config.
# I think I don't like the name or sense of the variable!  :)

Outside of that, though, he's nailed everything that I think was suggested.

# If I _prefer_ the /etc/rc.config/* stuff, then it should be sourced
# _after_ the /etc/rc.conf file, so that it's values can override and
# therefore be preferred.  With the variable name and sense the way you've
# written it, I should set conf_dir_preferred=YES to prefer the values set
# in /etc/rc.d - this seems backwards!

A minor detail.

# So, either change the name of the variable (maybe to something like
# monolithic_conf_preferred) or change the sense of YES and NO.
# > 	So what problems does anyone see with this?
# Someone earlier in this thread suggested that it would be useful to have
# some kind of warning if a variable were defined in both the /etc/rc.conf
# and /etc/rc.config/* files.  I think that that would be useful, too, but
# I admit I can't see any easy way to implement it.

"eval is your friend."

Telling if a variable is done in two places is easily warned about,

Telling which one came first might be a tad more difficult.

# Just my $0.02 (which I don't have any more, after having paid my darned
# income taxes today)!

Ah, you paid me my refund!  Thanks!

At first, after reading erh's first words, I was about ready to pound
him, but it seems he's addressed everything I have dragged out of objectors
and appreciators alike :).

If we can make it a flexible solution, we all win.  I'm willing to contribute
some effort to it if needed - let me know.

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