Subject: StarOffice and -current
To: None <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/2000 15:44:11
I'm having a helluva time trying to install StarOffice.

My first try was to cd to pkgsrc/misc/staroffice and type make.

This basically blew up with a screen filled with HTML stuff. Yes, I have
Netscape installed, if that matters.

So I downloaded it by hand and stuck it in pkgsrc/distfiles. Make still
tries to go to Sun.

I then untarred it in pkgsrc/misc/staroffice/work. Script still tries to
go to Sun.

What do I need to do to install StarOffice? I've installed it on Solaris
sparc and intel before so I know it works pretty well.

I have the latest SUSE package installed from pkgsrc.

Rick Kelly