Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2000
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/14/2000 08:19:43
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in March 2000.

Firstly, due to security vulnerabilities, please note the update of
htdig to 3.1.5, nmh to 1.0.3, and ircII to 4.4S.  If you're running
older versions of these programs, please update your packages

Secondly, various issues related to wildcard version numbers in 
package names have been sorted out, and the interface to pkg_admin has
been standardised.

Notable packages added this month include: aide, blt, bounce, cowsay,
httperf, isakmpd, latex2rtf, lynx-current, mksunbootcd, mutt-current,
qt2, rasmol, realplayer, snobol, ssh6, urlget, uemacs.

Notable packages updated this month include: analog, bash2, bladeenc,
cdrecord, emacs, ethereal, fetchmail, fortify, gd, gimp-current, glib
and gtk (thanks, Matthias), gnapster, gnome, htdig, ImageMagick, ircII,
its4, leim, mawk, mirror, mtr, mutt-current, nmh, openssh, png, pth, qt,
remind, snort, spruce, squid, teTeX, tgif, w3m, xemacs, xmame, zebra,
zope and zoularis.

And, finally, before the awards are stolen from under our noses, the
Package of the Month award goes to gqmpeg (pkgsrc/audio/gqmpeg) -
nominated by various people (including myself), who use it to play mp3
files.  Some interesting skins are available for it from:

And the Quirk of the Month Award goes to the magnificent cowsay
(pkgsrc/misc/cowsay) - I wonder what we did before this package came

Alistair G. Crooks
Fri Apr 14 07:48:17 BST 2000

Changes to the Packages Collection Infrastructure
================================================= pick up correct required pkgs' versions when determining
		the required packages of a required packages (i.e. 2nd level
		and below) in package-depends. PACKAGE_DEPENDS_QUICK turns
		this on, it is required that all depends are installed, i.e.
		this can be only used in the PKG_ARGS and fake-pkg case, and
		not e.g. for README.html generation. [hubertf 2000-03-09]

	pkg_install: allow pkg names without versions given to "pkg_admin
		check" [hubertf 2000-03-19]

	pkg_install: in pkg_add, before the "install dependencies" loop, check
		ALL dependencies if they _can_ be installed. I.e. if a package
		wants version X installed, but version Y is already installed,
		pkg_adding that required pkg will blow up later (probably some
		pkg_add recursions down, given what we keep in the depends
		list). Now, it stops right away:
		 noon# pkg_add /usr/pkgsrc/packages/i386ELF/All/xdaemon-1.0.tgz
		 pkg_add: pkg `xteddy-1.*' required, but `xteddy-2.0.1' found installed.
		 Please resolve this conflict!
		This also works with dewey, relational and wildcard packages.
		[hubertf 2000-03-19]

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added aide-0.6 [agc 2000-03-10]
free intrusion detection system for checking file integrity

	Added blt-2.4o [hubertf 2000-03-12]
extension to Tcl/Tk

	Added bounce-0.0 [fredb 2000-03-19]
tool to forward TCP connection from one IP to another

	Added cdif-1.15 [itojun 2000-03-12]
word context diff

	Added cowsay-3.02 [jlam 2000-03-25]
Configurable talking cow

	Added dinotrace-9.0g [dmcmahill 2000-03-14]
tool for viewing the output of digital simulators

	Added doc++-3.3.13 [jlam 2000-03-07]
documentation system for C, C++ and Java

	Added freeciv-client-1.10.0 [jlam 2000-03-27]
Freeciv client with Xaw interface

	Added freeciv-client-gtk-1.10.0 [jlam 2000-03-27]
Freeciv client with GTK+ interface

	Added freeciv-server-1.10.0 [jlam 2000-03-27]
Freeciv game server

	Added freeciv-share-1.10.0 [jlam 2000-03-27]
Machine independent files for Freeciv

	Added ghostscript-x11-5.50 [jlam 2000-03-24]
Aladdin Postscript interpreter with X11 drivers

	Added gimp-helpbrowser 1.1.18 [tron 2000-03-14]
Help file browser for the GNU Image Manipulation Program

	Added gnuchess-4.0.x as gnuchess4 [jlam 2000-03-26]
the "classic" GNU chess

	Added gwave-19990927 [dmcmahill 2000-03-01]
viewer for spice-like simulator output and other analog data

	Added httperf 0.6 [thorpej 2000-03-16]
Popular web server benchmarking program

	Added isakmpd-20000220 [itojun 2000-03-28]
OpenBSD IKE daemon

	Added latex2rtf-1.8a [wiz 2000-03-08]
LaTeX to RTF converter

	Added libsscript-2.0 [rh 2000-03-30]
simple library for creating network oriented software in C

	Added libstash-19990912 [rh 2000-03-30]
collection of programming support routines and useful algorithms

	Added lynx-2.8.3dev22 as "lynx-current" [fredb 2000-03-23]
Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client

	Added memconf-1.23.2 (only for Solaris) [agc 2000-03-21]
physical memory information utility

	Added mksunbootcd-19990513 [dmcmahill 2000-03-25]
combines filesystems for Sun computers to make bootable CD-ROM images

	Added mutt-current 1.1.7i [pooka 2000-03-04]
text-based MIME MUA with PGP support (unstable version)

	Added p5-Date-Manip-5.37 [jwise 2000-03-07]
perl5 module for date calculations

	Added qt1-1.44 [dmcmahill 2000-03-23]
C++ X GUI toolkit

	Added rasmol-2.7.1 [wiz 2000-03-13]
Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool

	Added realplayer-7nb1 [rh 2000-03-22]
RealAudio and RealVideo player

	Added snobol-0.99.4 [wiz 2000-03-11]
Macro implementation of SNOBOL4 in C

	Added ssh6-1.2.27 [itojun 2000-03-20]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

	Added tcl-postgresql-6.5.3 [jlam 2000-03-19]
Tcl interface to PostgreSQL

	Added tidy-20000113 [tron 2000-03-28]
Fixes and tidies up HTML files

	Added tk-postgresql-6.5.3 [jlam 2000-03-19]
Tk interface to PostgreSQL

	Added urlget-1.2 [kim 2000-03-02]
simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL

	Added uemacs-4.0 [tron 2000-03-23]
"emacs" key sequences compatible full screen editor

	Added verilog-current-20000219 [dmcmahill 2000-03-07]
Verilog simulation and synthesis tool

	Added wdiff-0.5 [itojun 2000-03-12]
Word-by-word diff

Changes to Packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Updated acs to 0.26 [dmcmahill 2000-03-26]
general purpose circuit simulator

	Updated analog to 4.04 [tron 2000-03-21]
Extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles

	Updated ap-csacek to 2.1.4 [jdolecek 2000-03-31]
on-fly code set recoder

	Updated bash2 to 2.04, added option for static linking [wiz 2000-03-30]
The GNU Bourne Again Shell

	Updated bladeenc to 0.92.0-stable [simonb 2000-03-01]
Free MPEG Audio Layer 3 encoder (not decoder)

	Updated cdrecord to 1.8 [scw 2000-03-03]
This program allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder

	Updated cdrecord-current to 1.8.1a01 [scw 2000-03-03]
This program allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder

	Updated darcnes to 20000226 [wiz 2000-03-02]
	Updated darcnes to 20000305 [wiz 2000-03-08]
multi-system emulator (NES, SMS, GG, PCE, and others)

	Updated emacs to 20.6 [minoura 2000-03-11]
GNU editing macros (editor)

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.4 [frueauf 2000-03-07]
Network protocol analyzer

	Updated fetchmail to 5.3.0 [wiz 2000-03-04]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.3.2 [itojun 2000-03-10]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.3.4 [itojun 2000-03-26]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.3.0 [wiz 2000-03-04]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.3.2 [itojun 2000-03-10]
	Updated fetchmailconf to 5.3.4 [itojun 2000-03-26]
Configuration tool for fetchmail

	Updated fortify to 1.4.6 [jlam 2000-03-20]
patches Netscape binary to provide 128-bit cryptography

	Updated gd to 1.8.1 [he 2000-03-17]
graphics library for fast PNG creation

	Updated gimp-current to 1.1.18 [tron 2000-03-14]
Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop[tm]

	Updated glib to 1.2.7 [tron 2000-03-12]
Some useful routines for C programming

	Updated gnapster to 1.3.7 [wiz 2000-03-16]
simple client for the online mp3 community

	Updated gnome to [tron 2000-03-08]
	Updated gnome to [tron 2000-03-16]
"meta-package" for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-core to [tron 2000-03-13]
Base component of GNU Network Object Management Environment

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.0.56 [tron 2000-03-13]
Libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-print to 0.12 [tron 2000-03-14]
Prototype implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

	Updated gnome-python to 1.0.51 [tron 2000-03-14]
Python Bindings for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-users-guide to 1.0.72 [tron 2000-03-14]
User documentation for GNOME

	Updated gnome-utils to 1.0.51 [tron 2000-03-16]
Set of useful GNOME utilities and applications

	Updated gnuchess to 5.00 [jlam 2000-03-25]
GNU chess engine

	Updated gtk+ to 1.2.7 [tron 2000-03-12]
Gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces

	Updated htdig to 3.1.5 because of security problems [hubertf 2000-03-01]
WWW indexing and searching system

	Updated ImageMagick to 5.1.1 [tron 2000-03-21]
Package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated ircII to 4.4Q [mrg 2000-03-16]
	Updated ircII to 4.4R [mrg 2000-03-17]
	Updated ircII to 4.4S [itojun 2000-03-18]
The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client

	Updated its4 to 1.0.1 [wiz 2000-03-31]
static C/C++ code scanner for potential security problems

	Updated leim to 20.6 [minoura 2000-03-11]
Libraries of Emacs Input Methods

	Updated mawk to 1.3.3 [jlam 2000-03-24]
Mike Brennan's fast awk clone

	Updated mirror to 2.9 [kim 2000-03-26]
Mirror packages on remote sites

	Updated mtr to 0.42 [tron 2000-03-17]
Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool

	Updated mutt-current to 1.1.9i [pooka 2000-03-14]
	Updated mutt-current to 1.1.10i [pooka 2000-03-30]
text-based MIME MUA with PGP support (unstable version)

	Updated nmh to 1.0.3 because of security problems [hubertf 2000-03-01]
Cleaned up MH mailer suite

	Updated openssh to 1.2.3 [itojun 2000-03-26]
Open Source Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

	Updated pkglint to 2.05 [wiz 2000-03-16]
Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated png to 1.0.6 [tron 2000-03-21]
Library for manipulating PNG images

	Updated psmisc to 19 [jlam 2000-03-17]
miscellaneous proc FS tools: killall, pidof, and pstree

	Updated pth to 1.3.3 [wiz 2000-03-13]
GNU Portable Thread library

	Updated py-mysqldb to 0.1.3 [tsarna 2000-03-11]
MySQL interface for Python

	Updated qt to 2.0.2 [dmcmahill 2000-03-28]
C++ X GUI toolkit

	Updated remind to 3.0.20 [kim 2000-03-01]
	Updated remind to 3.0.21 [kim 2000-03-17]
Calendar/alarm program with interpreted input language

	Updated roller to 1.1 [kim 2000-03-23]
roll log files

	Updated snort to 1.6 [agc 2000-03-20]
Libpcap-based packet sniffer/logger

	Updated spruce to 0.5.17 [tron 2000-03-13]
MIME-aware, GNOME-based email program

	Updated squid to 2.3s2 [tron 2000-03-06]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated ssh-1.2.27, to split IPv6 support into ssh6-1.2.27
		[itojun 2000-03-20]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program)

	Updated teTeX to 1.0.7  [tron 2000-03-09]
Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems

	Updated teTeX-bin to 1.0.7  [tron 2000-03-09]
TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - executables

	Updated teTeX-share to 1.0.2 [hubertf 2000-03-06]
Machine-independent part of teTeX

	Updated teTeX-sharesrc to 1.0.1 [tron 2000-03-09]
Sources for machine-independent part of teTeX

	Updated tgif to 4.1.28 [dmcmahill 2000-03-08]
Fully-featured X11 drawing program

	Updated user to 20000313 [agc 2000-03-13]
Solaris-compatible {user,group}{add,del,mod} commands

	Updated verilog to 0.2 [dmcmahill 2000-03-07]
Verilog simulation and synthesis tool

	Updated verilog-current to 20000318 [dmcmahill 2000-03-25]
Verilog simulation and synthesis tool

	Updated vipec to 2.0.1 [dmcmahill 2000-03-28]
Network analyser for electrical networks

	Updated w3m to 0.1.6 [itojun 2000-03-02]
Terminal-based WWW browser with HTML tables and frames support

	Updated xchat to 1.4.0 [tron 2000-03-08]
	Updated xchat to 1.4.1 [tron 2000-03-11]
X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit

	Updated xemacs to 21.1.9 [tron 2000-03-08]
XEmacs text editor version 21

	Updated xemacs-packages to 1.3 [tron 2000-03-08]
Common elisp packages for xemacs 21

	Updated xephem to 3.2.3 [agc 2000-03-08]
Interactive astronomical ephemeris program

	Updated xfce to 3.3.1 [jwise 2000-03-03]
Lightweight desktop environment with a look and feel similar to CDE

	Updated xmame to 0.36b16.1 [soren 2000-03-14]
X11 emulator for old arcade and console machines

	Updated zebra to 0.85 [itojun 2000-03-10]
Free multithreaded routing daemon software

	Updated zope-mysql to 1.1.3nb2 [tsarna 2000-03-11]
Zope Database Adaptor for MySQL

	Updated zoularis-20000317 [christos 2000-03-17]
provides NetBSD libs, includes and utilities on Solaris

Other changes to packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Renamed amanda-all to amanda [tron 2000-03-11]
	Removed rvplayer [jlam 2000-03-22]
superceded by realplayer7

	Removed realplayerG2 [jlam 2000-03-22]
superceded by realplayer7

	freeciv: Split the package into freeciv-share, which contains shared
		data, and into freeciv-server which contains the freeciv game
		server, and freeciv-client and freeciv-client-gtk, which
		are the freeciv clients with either an Xaw or GTK+ GUI.
		[jlam 2000-03-27]
	Removed freeciv [jlam 2000-03-27]