Subject: Re: LFS
To: IWAMOTO Toshihiro <>
From: Hans-Christian Becker <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/14/2000 17:13:41
>Does anyone have a stable LFS partition?
>I've been trying to use LFS recently, but from my experience,
>LFS has a very short MTBF, ranging from hours to weeks.
Aaargh! I have (recently) put everything except / on LFS because of 
the performance gain. I was under the impression that LFS was OK in 
-current, but I never really got that confirmed. I *do* know that 
once you get corruption you are (literally!) fscked. I have gotten fs 
corruption, but that was due to my being brain-dead. Do you mean that 
the fs corrupts itself, without luser intervention? In that case, 
maybe the paragraph describing LFS on should be 
rewritten. From the 'features' page, I was actually lead to believe 
that LFS was in a useful state.
Hmmm. Maybe time to "down-grade" to FFS (with soft updates?)

Dr. Hans-Christian Becker (
Department of Physical Chemistry
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden