Subject: Problems tracking -current with anoncvs ("could not chdir")
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/2000 12:40:33
I've been tracking -current with anoncvs since it was made available.  I
find it really handy (much better than using sup), but I've got one
problem.  I want to be able to update my source tree, including creating
any new directories that exist in the repository.  I use the command
"cvs update -P -d" which tells update to prune any empty directories, but
create any directories that exist in the repository.

The problem is that some directories have old empty sub-directories in
the CVS repository with the same name as binaries creating during a build
on my machine (i.e. /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb/gdb).  So when I do an update
in that directory I get:
"cvs [update aborted]: could not chdir to gdb: Not a directory"
and the update aborts.  CVS wants to create the gdb directory, even though
it will remove it afterwords because it contains only empty

I need the -d flag because I want my tree to pick up any new directories
in the repository.  I don't want to have to "make clean" before hand to
clean out all the binaries.  How are other people dealing with this?  I
could easily just remove the specific problem binaries before an update,
but there must be a better solution.  Is there any way to instruct CVS to
only create directories that are non-empty in the repository? Other people
must be experiencing this problem also.


Rick Byers                       University of Waterloo, Computer Science